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Updated Open Source Java e-Invoicing library

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2016-03-15

Mustang project now available in Version 1.3

Additional checks in the new version facilitate correct usage within your own applications. For example, input data (PDF/A-1) and the sequence of the calls are checked for accuracy.

A community patch (thanks to Alexander Schmidt) improves the internal functioning and removes the last known bugs.

The Mustangproject thanks the Open Source Business Alliance for being awarded with the "OSBAR" award on 2015-12-02.

Mustangproject 1.3 can be downloaded from since 2016-03-11, 11:00 CET.

About Mustangproject:
Java developers can use the Mustangproject library to read and write ZUGFeRD data in PDF invoices in their software. ZUGFeRD-Invoices can be opened as normal invoices in any arbitrary PDF viewer but also contain invoice data such as amount, payment details or tax rates in a machine-readable format. Therefore, this data can be parsed automatically which helps to simplify the payment and accounting process.

Mustangproject has been developed within the framework of the open source accounting application software Gnuaccounting by usegroup and was awarded with the Open Source Business Alliance award "OSBAR" in December 2015.

About ZUGFeRD:
ZUGFeRD is a open metadata standard for PDF-invoices. Like normal PDFs, ZUGFeRD invoices can be opened in any PDF viewer but, invisibly, contain a machine-readable copy of the invoice data. This way the invoices can checked, paid and booked semi-automatically or automatically.

Currently more than 160 suppliers from seven countries support invoices in the ZUGFeRD-Standard (as of March 2016).

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