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Open-Source ZUGFeRD-Library updated to version 1.1.2

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015-06-15

On 15.06.2015 the Mustangproject released the new version of it's open-source library: version 1.1.2.

Mustangproject had been initiated by usegroup in the context of the open source accounting application Gnuaccounting.

Mustangproject can be used to add the capability to read and write PDF-invoices conforming to the ZUGFeRD-standard. ZUGFeRD-invoices can be opened like usual invoices in traditional PDF reader applications. But additionally to the optical, human-readable items, amounts, payment details and tax rates this data is also available in a machine-readable form. This way the invoices can be checked or processed semi-automatically or automatically, which e.g. facilitates the payment process.

The ZUGFeRD-Metadata now conforms to more validators like the Konik Validation Service. As a new feature it is now also possible to create test invoices.

There is no need for source code changes of software already using Mustangproject. It is recommended to switch to the new version, even if the library has only be used to write custom ZUGFeRD-XML.

About ZUGFeRD:
ZUGFeRD is a standard for meta data in PDF-invoices. Currenly (May 2015) over 100 providers in seven countries support ZUGFeRD-invoices.

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